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Rec – on - dite


(of a subject or knowledge) Little known; abstruse

abstruse – obscure – secret - deep

Recondite Spaces was established in 2013, by Bo Bowman-Shaw and Andrew Shackleton, to create inclusive and accessible site specific installation and promenade performances by engaging and collaborating with the local community and artists from all disciplines. We devise pieces of work that reflect the nature and history of the sites we use and the community involved.

What is a site-specific installation & promenade performance?

1. Generated from and for that specific site.
2. In this case refers to an art installation.
3. Promenade performance means the audience are not merely onlookers, but can walk around and become immersed in the performance.

In the future our plans are to put on projects that are educational and intergenerational, inclusive and accessible to the broad community especially lower income groups.

In at least two important ways, can show the many and varied possibilities for young people, generating self-confidence, skills and hope:

1. ‘Learning by Doing’: Young people to have the opportunity to shadow professional practitioners, e.g. lighting, audio/visual, puppetry, costume, aerial etc.
2. Interacting with other young people who are already students of these disciplines.